What to do in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is jam-packed with sights and attractions that make a perfect fringe programme for your conference participants. Ranging from downtown L.A. to the coast, from culture to sports - and from creative highlights to culinary delights.

Universal Studios, Hollywood

Los Angeles is a city of entertainment par excellence. Movie fans are guaranteed to get their fill here. The Universal Studios are an obvious port of call when in L.A. A guided studio tour takes you behind the scenes to experience the atmosphere in a working Hollywood film studio. Look behind the curtains and discover the tricks of the trade. The popular theme park has been open since 1915. And although the park boasts countless attractions, a studio tour is an extra-special highlight.

Say hello to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

For many years now, Disneyland has enjoyed a reputation as one of the best excursion destinations in Los Angeles. This theme park is the perfect day trip for the young and young at heart. Visit Mickey Mouse and take a dive into Scrooge McDuck's famous Money Bin. You think you're too old for that kind of thing? Think again! Disneyworld has been a driver of innovation for decades and launches a constant stream of new ideas for promising business models onto the market – prime example: Star Wars. And how about the famous sentence uttered by Walt Disney himself? "If you can dream it, you can do it." Disneyland in Anaheim is a wellspring of inspiration and ideas.

Pacific Coast Highway Number 1

Fancy a day at the seaside? Walking barefoot on the beach? Gazing out over the ocean? Hawaii is just a four-hour flight from Los Angeles. Or whisk your team away on a bus trip on the famous Pacific Coast Highway Number One northbound to San Francisco. Fantastic places such as Malibu and Santa Barbara await en route. Mesmerized by the views of the ocean to your left, you will experience archetypal America at its best.

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